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  1. 各棟清洗水塔當日請當棟管理人員協助開啟門禁,供廠商進場施作(請確認廠商是否配戴蓋有本組圓戳章之識別證)。
  2. 水塔清洗當日浴廁及飲水機將停水或間歇性停水,停水及恢復供水時間依當日水塔清洗順序及清洗完成時間而定,正常情況下不會整日停水。
  3. 停水期間請勿開啟水龍頭,以免污水入造成氣塞。恢復供水後水龍頭等請先放流數分鐘,待髒水排放乾淨後再行使用。
  4. 請相關業管單位於停水前,確認飲水機設備是否已確實關閉,並於水塔清洗完成且正常供水後,再提供飲水機設備使用。
  5. 請各單位依業務權責將本公告及所屬棟之排程表張貼於公布欄或其它可公告周知之場所。本公告如有未盡事宜,請依業務權責自行調整惠予因應配合宣達事項。
  6. 如有水塔清洗相關問題,請撥打校內分機62113。

We will be conducting our annual water storage tank cleaning throughout August, which will result in temporary water outages. Please refer to the attached schedule for the specific dates and follow the instructions below:

  1. On the cleaning day, please ensure that building management staff is available to facilitate access control for the authorized cleaning crew to the water storage tanks. Ensure all cleaning crew members display identification cards stamped with our official seal.
  2. Water supply to bathrooms and water dispensers will be intermittently suspended on the cleaning day. The exact duration of the outage will vary depending on the cleaning sequence and completion time for each tank. Water outage is not expected to last the entire day in most instances.
  3. To prevent air blockages by sewage, please refrain from turning on faucets during the water outage. After water supply resumes, allow the water to run for a few minutes until it appears clear before regular use.
  4. Please ensure all water dispensers are turned off before the water supply is suspended. Resume using water dispensers only after the cleaning process is complete and the water supply has been fully restored.
  5. Please display this notice and the attached schedule throughout your building on bulletin boards or other designated areas. If there are any issues not covered in this announcement, please disseminate the adjusted announcement according to your authority and responsibility.
  6. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at extension 62113.
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